[Rd] [PATCH] Ensure correct order of evaluation in macro

Sahil Kang sahil.kang at asilaycomputing.com
Mon May 22 10:25:51 CEST 2017


I'd like to contribute this small patch (attached) that I think will 
help prevent some future bugs from occurring in paste.c.
By wrapping the macro's arguments in parentheses, we can ensure that the 
correct order of evaluation will take place during preprocessing.

To illustrate, we can use the == operator which has lower evaluation 
precedence than the < operator:
     * With the current macro, imax2(3==4, 1) expands to 0.
     * After applying this patch, imax2(3==4, 1) expands to 1 as expected.

Since I'm still relatively new to the mailing list, I've kept this patch 
I did notice other macros that have this same issue, so I can start 
sending additional patches if this seems okay.

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