[Rd] reg-tests-1d.R fails in r72721

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Wed May 24 13:06:28 CEST 2017

On 24/05/2017 5:47 AM, Hiroyuki Kawakatsu wrote:
> Hi,
> I am failing make check in r72721 at the end of reg-tests-1d.R. The
> relevant block of code is
> ## path.expand shouldn't translate to local encoding PR#17120
> filename <- "\U9b3c.R"
> print(Encoding(filename))
> x1 <- path.expand(paste0("~/", filename))
> print(Encoding(x1))
> x2 <- paste0(path.expand("~/"), filename)
> print(Encoding(x2))
> stopifnot(identical( path.expand(paste0("~/", filename)), paste0(path.expand("~/"), filename)))
> ## Chinese character was changed to hex code
> Encoding(x1) is "unknown" while Encoding(x2) is "UTF-8". If I run
> this code with R --vanilla, both are UTF-8 and the assertion
> passes. What is make check doing differently? Or is there something
> wrong with my setting/environment? Thanks,

I think the test is wrong because in the first case you are working in a 
locale where that character is representable.  In my locale it is not, 
so x1 is converted to UTF-8, and everything compares equal.

An explicit conversion of x1 to UTF-8 should fix this, i.e. replace

x1 <- path.expand(paste0("~/", filename))


x1 <- enc2utf8(path.expand(paste0("~/", filename)))

Could you try this and see if it helps?

Duncan Murdoch

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