[Rd] How to represent two-dimensonal data in R?

Morkus morkus at protonmail.com
Thu Oct 26 11:52:19 CEST 2017

I asked this question yesterday, but since I didn't receive any responses, I thought I would simply the question a bit and try again.

Basically, I'm getting a query result sent to a program. That data is just the rows and columns of a database table. Simple 2-D.

My (hopefully simple) question is how do I take that variable and put that two-dimensional data in a form I can then send to R?

Can R represent two-dimensional data when passed like that to a variable? I cannot find a single example, anywhere, that describes how to do it. :(

I've tried: "data", "data.frame", "table", the data by itself, etc.

Nothing works. I only get "eval" syntax errors.

Please advise with any suggestions.

Thanks again.

- M

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