[Rd] Cannot Compute Box's M (Three Days Trying...)

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Sun Oct 29 14:01:08 CET 2017

Hey Duncan,

Since Java is the #1 language and R is extremely popular, I think the most telling thing is that nobody on the "R-devel" forum (where people do "programming with R") is doing R and Java like I'm doing: calling R from Java and passing data structures.

So it appears I'm clearly pushing R somewhere it doesn't want to go. And, the boxM issue is more or less debug-proof at this moment.

Perhaps I'll need to off-shore this issue for resolution for a few hundred bucks? I'm at the point now where I probably need to just pay somebody to get this crazy BoxM thing working! :(

Thanks again,

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> On 29/10/2017 7:26 AM, Morkus wrote:
>> Thanks Duncan. I can't tell you how helpful all your terrific replies
>> have been.
>> I think the biggest surprise is that nobody appears to be using Java and
>> R together like I"m trying to do. I suppose it should be a surprise
>> since there are no books on the subject and almost no technical
>> documentation other than a few sites here and there.
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>> I originally had the "int" as the return type for the factors, but that
>> didn't make any difference.
>> So, let me ask you. What I can get working is calling an R Script from
>> Java. Literally opening the ".R" file and reading it line by line and
>> evaluating it. That works. Is there any reason why that's not a viable
>> way to go?
>> I can't answer this very specifically, because it depends so much on
>> your circumstances. But why bother with the file system at all?
>> Presumably if you can read a string, you can construct the same string
>> within your Java program (perhaps as a literal string, perhaps by
>> building it from local variables).
>> The one thing I don't know how to do is pass a parameter to an RScript
>> from Java. Is it possible to pass a parameter to an RScript from Java?
>> If I can pass a parameter to an RScript, then it's not static and I
>> could use it as a "function" to call for different values.
>> Look forward to your reply.
>> I can't really answer that question, since I have no experience at all
>> in calling R from Java. But if you want to pass a parameter named "x"
>> with value 123 from Java to R, why not just construct and evaluate the
>> statement "x <- 123"?
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