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Sun Aug 12 21:31:43 CEST 2018

 Dear R team,

I am a co-author and maintainer of one of R packages distributed by R-forge
(gEcon). One of gEcon package users found a strange behaviour of package (R
froze for couple of minutes) and reported it to me. I traced the strange
behaviour to compiler package. I attach short demonstration of the problem
to this mail (demonstration makes use of compiler and tictoc packages only).

In short, the compiler package has problems in compiling large functions -
their compilation and execution may take much longer than direct execution
of an uncompiled function. Such functions are generated by gEcon package as
they describe steady state for economy.

I am curious if you are aware of such problems and plan to handle the
efficiency issues. On one of the boards I saw that there were efficiency
issues in rpart package but they have been resolved. Or would you advise to
turn off JIT on package load (package heavily uses such long functions
generated whenever a new model is created)?

Best regards,
Karol Podemski

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