[Rd] Error message: 'Rscript' should not be used without a path

Michal Burda michal.burda at centrum.cz
Thu Feb 1 09:23:22 CET 2018

Dear R-devel members,

recently, I ran into the following error message (R-devel 2018-01-31):

'Rscript' should not be used without a path -- see par. 1.6 of the manual

I would like to know more about it, why is it required to run Rscript with
a path, and where is that par. 1.6 of the manual.

I get this error message during Travis r-devel build of my package for
generating makefiles. I am developing a makefile generator package, which
contains testthat unit tests that generate and run various makefiles in
/tmp. These makefiles run several "Rscript -e" commands. Everything works
OK on R-stable on Linux as well as on Windows, the only problem is with
R-devel on that Travis cloud builder. Could someone give me more
information about that error? Is there any workaround or do I really need
to obtain somehow the full path of Rscript and put it into the makefiles
(as it may be tricky for such makefile work on linux, macOs and Windows)?

Thanks, in advance.

Michal Burda

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