[Rd] Community Feedback: Git Repository for R-Devel

Juan Telleria jtelleriar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 00:02:10 CET 2018

• Bugzilla & R-devel Mailing Lists: Remain unchanged: Understood as
Ticketing platforms for bug pull requests on the R-devel Git Repository.

•  Git Repository Options:
A) Github (Cloud with Automated backups from GitHub to CRAN Server):
B) Gitlab (Selfhosted on CRAN): https://about.gitlab.com
C) Phabricator (Selfhosted on CRAN): https://www.phacility.com
D) Microsoft Codeplex: https://www.codeplex.com
E) Others: Unknown


Git Repository on Core Python: https://github.com/python

I think that moving efforts in this direction is important because it would
allow a true Open Source Innovation & Open Collaboration in R between:
* R Community.
* And R-Core.
* R Bug Fixes.
* And Core Feature Wishlist.
As anyone would be able to:
* Check the unassigned bugs in Bugzilla (apart from R-Core).
* And propose bugs fixes by themselves as Pull requests (by mentioning the
Bug ID of Bugzilla or the Mailing Lists).

This would allow that _individuals_ either from Universities or Companies
interested in the Development of R:
* apart of donating economical resources to the R Foundation.
* could help to maintain core R Code by themselves.
Which aligns with the true spirit of R, which shall be done from
contributing individuals, for individuals themselves.

It would also allow to put the focus on the precise lines of code changed
with each Commit, and revert changes in an easy way, without verbose
E-mails: Tidy, Clean, Maintainable, and Fast.

At last, I noticed R-devel Archives do not have an E-mail Id (Unique
Unsigned Integer), so it would be a good idea to add one for pull requests
if Git was adopted.


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