[Rd] R CMD check warning about compiler warning flags

Juan Telleria jtelleriar at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 23:43:16 CET 2018

I repeat it for all the reason I gave to Duncan on a personal E-mail, It is
a lot of text, and I might be wrong, but I attach it in case it is useful:

A) I feel Version Control (SVN) is great when there is a little group of
people maintaining the code (RCore ~ 20); but Git could allow a bigger
group of people (for example ~200) working simultaneously on perfect and
polish the code without overlapping each other, and RCore (~20) check that
code, and do commits.

This would allow an even more robust base language foundation, or
improvements such as writing some base code more efficiently in C++, etc.

I will put a SQL Transactions simile for further explain this issue:
* SVN is like a Table-Lock.
* And GIT is a Row-Lock in the Table.

Table-Lock works well with very few connections, and as there are only few
connections, users are happy with it.

But it prevents other client connections to query that table at the same
time, and does not allow high concurrency.

B) I feel that Version Control is a little bit obscure for people who are
not from R-Core Mailing List, as:
* We cannot see what gets updated with each R-devel specific version.
* And have communication tools flexible enough to suggest a little patch
(changes in a few lines of code all scattered over R Code) by ourselves
other than E-mails. ¿What if our fixes are very sparse?

Communication and Patches for Collaboration are difficult and tedious for
Non-Core Contributors.

C) Reverting a whole version can cause that bugs that where already fixed,
to be reverted (I've seen it once in R).

D) Making a whole new version for a single change in 1 line of code is
inefficient, and time consuming. In GitHub it would take few seconds.

E) Google Trends indicates that GIT is getting more and more used than SVN
by other developments. If it works for others, why should not work for R?

F) It would also be important to know what the opinion of key R
contributors outside R-Core is, for example:

* Hadley Wickham.
* Other important R Package Authors.

If they would feel more willing to help on R Core Language Development with
GitHub, Gitlab, etc.


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