[Rd] configure: PATH not honoured when locating kpsewhich

Dr. D. P. Kreil (Boku) David.Kreil at boku.ac.at
Sat Jan 13 18:52:57 CET 2018

Dear R-Developers,

I have just noticed that R configure picks up an older system kpsewhich
(and consequently fails) despite the correct kpsewhich being in the PATH as
it should. So "which kpsewhich" gives the correct one. I could work around
this by setting KPSEWHICH=`which kpsewhich` on the configure command line.
Is there any reason the PATH is not being honoured? In many situations
users have no control over system installed packages (not being root) so I
would have thought that R configure should honour the build environment,
esp PATH.

With best regards,

observed behaviour (current R-3.4.3 release)

$ ./configure
leads to inconsolata.sty etc not being found because they're not in the
system TeX installation. According to the configure output, the
location /usr/bin/kpsewhich is being used.

$ ./configure KPSEWHICH=`which kpsewhich`
completes successfully.

expected behaviour:

$ ./configure
completes successfully.

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