[Rd] Buffer overflow in cairoBM.c line 402

Tomas Kalibera tomas.kalibera at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 22:47:43 CET 2018

Thanks for reporting - there is no need to reproduce this, it is an 
obvious error.
I'll probably fix by throwing an error - like it is done in devX11.c 
when the file names are too long.


On 01/19/2018 09:41 PM, Omri Schwarz wrote:
> Hi, all.
> Testing a change to that line to
>      strncpy(xd->filename, filename,PATH_MAX);
> right now.
> The bug itself I've yet to reproduce in anything that doesn't involve
> my employer's proprietary code, but strcpy is strcpy, after all.

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