[Rd] fix potential integer overflow in mantelhaen.test ?

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 18:45:17 CET 2018

  Someone who was running into an integer overflow warning (and
downstream error) with mantelhaen.test() on a large data set asked about
it on StackOverflow:


  Coercing ntot to double (i.e. ntot -> as.numeric(ntot)) on lines 283
and 285 here:


  seems to fix the problem, fairly harmlessly (*maybe* there are some
edge cases where the integer and floating-point computations give
different answers??? these values are going to get sent to qr.solve() a
few lines later in any case ...)

   If people think this is worthwhile I could submit a bug report.

   Ben Bolker

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