[Rd] bugzilla issues

Ben Bolker bbolker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 01:41:40 CET 2018

 tl;dr is the R bug tracker down or am I being an idiot? Help please ...

 I decided I would follow up on


(reporting/suggesting a patch for an issue in stats::mantelhaen.test()
with large data sets)

  Reading the instructions at https://www.r-project.org/bugs.html
suggests that if I'm sure I have found something worthy of posting to
the R bug tracker, I should go to https://bugs.r-project.org/bugzilla3

This results in

Software error:

Can't locate Email/Sender/Simple.pm in @INC (you may need to install the
Email::Sender::Simple module) (@INC contains: .
lib/x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi lib /etc/perl
/usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.24.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.24.1
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.24 /usr/share/perl5
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.24 /usr/share/perl/5.24
/usr/local/lib/site_perl /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl-base) at
Bugzilla/Mailer.pm line 26.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Bugzilla/Mailer.pm line 26.
Compilation failed in require at Bugzilla/Auth.pm line 22.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Bugzilla/Auth.pm line 22.
Compilation failed in require at Bugzilla.pm line 23.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Bugzilla.pm line 23.
Compilation failed in require at /var/lib/bugzilla4/index.cgi line 15.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /var/lib/bugzilla4/index.cgi line 15.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster (admin at rforge.net), giving
this error message and the time and date of the error.

e-mailing admin at rforge.net bounces with

This is the mail system at host hagal.urbanek.info.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

                   The mail system

<catchall at hagal.urbanek.info>: User unknown in virtual alias table

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