[Rd] Library lib.loc Option Ignored for Dependencies

Benjamin Tyner btyner @ending from gm@il@com
Wed Jul 25 13:37:03 CEST 2018

On 07/25/2018 04:28 AM, Uwe Ligges wrote:
> Not sure if this is a bug: where is it documented that this works not 
> as above (which is what I would expect)?
The documentation doesn't say one way or the other. But the fact remains 
that base:::.getRequiredPackages2, when provided a non-null lib.loc, 
uses that lib.loc when checking versions of dependencies. So (to me) it 
seems a little incongruous that base:::.getRequiredPackages2 offers this 
functionality but library() doesn't take advantage of it. Moreover, it 
is already passing the 'quietly' argument...
> For development puposes, you may want to try some devekopment version 
> of one package agaiunst release versions of the others.
Agreed, in which case I would explicitly load the dependency first 
specifying a custom lib.loc.
> This is the purpose of the above: take spam from ~lib and the other 
> from .libPath().
> Best,
> Uwe Ligges

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