[Rd] RFC: make as.difftime more consistent or convenient

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I notice I can convert strings containing hour, minute or second specifications to a 'difftime':

> as.difftime("12 h", "%H")
Time difference of 12 hours
> as.difftime("12 m", "%M")
Time difference of 12 mins
> as.difftime("12 s", "%S")
Time difference of 12 secs

But I can't do so with a week specification, because there is no appropriate format ..., although "weeks" is a legitimate unit of 'difftime':

> as.difftime("12 w", "%...")

1. What do you think about making the behavior of 'as.difftime' more consistent by accepting also formats for "days" and "weeks"?

2. Even more convenient it could be if 'as.difftime' accepted strings containing magnitude and unit; how about:

> as.difftime("12 weeks")
Time difference of 12 weeks

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