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This is all normal, a fork cluster works with processes, that do not
share memory. When you create a fork cluster, you create a new
process, that has the same memory layout as the parent. But from this
moment its memory is independent of the parent process. When parLapply
is done, the results are serialized and copied back to the parent
process. The serialized environment is independent of the original
environment in the parent process, when parLapply unserializes the
results it creates new objects.

Environments have reference semantics, but not across processes.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 7:09 PM Niek Bouman <niek.bouman using keygene.com> wrote:
> While using parallelization R seems to clone all environments (that are normally passed by reference) that are returned from a child process. In particular, consider the following example:
> library(parallel)
> env1 <- new.env()
> envs2 <- lapply(1:4, function(x) env1)
> cl<-makeCluster(2, type="FORK")
> envs3 <- parLapply(cl, 1:4, function(x) env1)
> envs4 <- parLapply(cl, 1:4, function(x) capture.output(str(env1)))
> stopCluster(cl)
> First I make an environment (env1). Then using the non-parallel lapply I get a list (envs2) where all entries contain a pointer to env1. Now when using the parallel parLapply the entries in the list I get (envs3) contain pointers to different environments, which are supposedly clones of env1 (also note that the first two entries contain the same pointer as the last two; supposedly because I use 2 child nodes for a loop of length 4). This cloning seems to happen when the child node returns their results to the master. To see this I save the pointer of env1 in the child nodes to the list envs4.
> Why are environments cloned at the moment they are returned?, and is there a way to pass environments by reference when using parallel processing in R?
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