[Rd] R CMD check: should .Rout.save contain the new "Registered S3 method overwritten by" message?

Matthieu S m@tth|eu@@t|g|er @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Aug 5 20:12:31 CEST 2019


Since I believe 3.6, there is a message when loading a package that
overwrites S3 methods, reading like "Registered S3 method overwritten
by...". Should this message be included in the xxx.Rout.save files saved in
the tests/ folder of a package? It seems R CMD check is not happy about it?

I simply ran R CMD BATCH xxx.R xxx.Rout.save but running later on R CMD
check on the package complains about the presence of the "Registered S3
method overwritten..." text? Did I do something wrong? Is this the correct
way to do, and R CMD check should be updated? Or should I not include the
"Registered S3 method overwritten"  in the .Rout.save (and how can I do



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