[Rd] Fwd: Bug Reporting

TOMMASO ADAMI t@@d@m| @end|ng |rom @tudent|@un|bg@|t
Wed Aug 21 01:48:20 CEST 2019


  I would like to report this date/time bug that threatened me for a long
   as I need correct date calculation in my computations.

If I add 1 day to the light saving switching day, it will incorrectly
subtract 1 hour from the date and missalign all my calculations.

You can see it runing (I am testing it with Rome, Italy (+1) TimeZone)

print(paste0("Horrible R Bug is present?
",strptime("20151025",format='%Y%m%d')+as.difftime(1, unit="days")));

As you can see the output says 11pm and not 12pm !

I do not know if it is a requested feature, but for me is unpleasant and
unexpected behaviour.

Thank you very much!

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