[Rd] Feature request: non-dropping regmatches/strextract

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Thu Aug 29 23:00:18 CEST 2019

if you want "to extract regex matches into a new column in a data.frame"
then there are some package functions which do exactly that. three examples
are namedCapture::df_match_variable, rematch2::bind_re_match, and
tidyr::extract. For a more detailed discussion see my R journal submission
(under review) about regular expression packages,
Comments/suggestions welcome.

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> A very common use case for regmatches is to extract regex matches into a
> new column in a data.frame (or data.table, etc.) or otherwise use the
> extracted strings alongside the input. However, the default behavior is to
> drop empty matches, which results in mismatches in column length if
> reassignment is done without subsetting.
> For consistency with other R functions and compatibility with this use
> case, it would be nice if regmatches did not automatically drop empty
> matches and would instead insert an NA_character_ value (similar to
> stringr::str_extract). This alternative regmatches could be implemented
> through an optional drop argument, a new function, or mentioned in the
> documentation (a la resample in ?sample).
> Alternatively, at the moment, there is a non-exported function strextract
> in utils which is very similar to stringr::str_extract. It would be great
> if this function, once exported, were to include a drop argument to prevent
> dropping positions with no matches.
> An example solution (last option):
> strextract <- function(pattern, x, perl = FALSE, useBytes = FALSE, drop =
> T) {
>  m <- regexec(pattern, x, perl=perl, useBytes=useBytes)
>  result <- regmatches(x, m)
>  if(isTRUE(drop)){
>  unlist(result)
>  } else if(isFALSE(drop)) {
>  unlist({result[lengths(result)==0] <- NA_character_; result})
>  } else {
>  stop("Invalid argument for `drop`")
>  }
> }
> Based on Ricardo Saporta's response to How to prevent regmatches drop non
> matches?
> --CG
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