[Rd] long vector support

Will L w|||@|@nd@u @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Dec 6 22:02:59 CET 2019


At first glance, a recent commit to R-devel (
appears to be related to long vector support. But as Henrik Bengtsson
points out at
writeBin() still prohibits long vectors. Are there any plans to add long
vector support to R 4.0.0?

x <- raw(2^31)
writeBin(x, con = nullfile())
# Error in writeBin(x, con = nullfile()) :
#  long vectors not supported yet: connections.c:4430

x <- raw(2^31)
con <- rawConnection(raw(0L), "w")
writeBin(raw(2^31), con = con)
# Error in writeBin(raw(2^31), con = con) :
#  long vectors not supported yet: connections.c:4430


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