[Rd] A weird behaviour of strsplit?

IAGO GINÉ VÁZQUEZ |@g|ne @end|ng |rom p@@jd@org
Wed Dec 18 15:42:12 CET 2019

Hi all,

In the help of strsplit one can read

split   character vector (or object which can be coerced to such) containing regular expression<>(s) (unless fixed = TRUE) to use for splitting. If empty matches occur, in particular if split has length 0, x is split into single characters. Ifsplit has length greater than 1, it is re-cycled along x.

Taking into account that split is said to be a vector (not a length 1 vector) and the last claim above, I would expect that the output of

strsplit("3:4", split = c(",",":"), fixed = TRUE)

was the same than the output of

strsplit("3:4", split = c(":"), fixed = TRUE)

that is, splitting by "," (without effect in this example) and also by ":"

[1] "3" "4"

But, instead, I get
[1] "3:4"

Am I wrongly understanding the help? Is it an expected output?
I tried with R 3.6.1 for Windows (10).

Thank you!

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