[Rd] tools::package_native_routine_registration_skeleton?

Koenker, Roger W rkoenker @end|ng |rom ||||no|@@edu
Fri Jun 28 11:06:52 CEST 2019

I’m trying to sort out the consequences of adding registration for my quantreg package.
I’ve generated a quantreg_init.c file with the directive in the message title, and placed it
in my src directory.  The first issue is that 3 of the 20, or so registered functions have
the same name in fortran as the calling function in R.   This seems easy to fix.  More
puzzling is that R CMD check now reports that the fortran names of all the registered fortran
functions are “undocumented objects”.  Can someone point me to the officially sanctioned
way to deal with this:  presumably I don’t need to document them as if they were R functions.

Roger Koenker
r.koenker using ucl.ac.uk<mailto:r.koenker using ucl.ac.uk>
Department of Economics, UCL
London  WC1H 0AX.

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