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Fri Jun 28 12:26:31 CEST 2019

On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 6:01 AM Spencer Graves <spencer.graves using prodsyse.com>

>              1.  Clone a copy of "https://github.com/sbgraves237/Ecdat"
> to my local computer and confirm that it works.

I suggest you put each package in its own repository, because our R tooling
(e.g. Travis CI, etc.) works best if you do that. This is quite easy to do
nowadays: https://stackoverflow.com/a/17864475/604364

>              3.  Contact GitHub support and ask them if they can delete
> "https://github.com/rforge/ecdat", because it is an orphan with 0
> contributors, and anyone who might want it should be referred to
> "https://github.com/sbgraves237/Ecdat".

You don't need do that. It is unlikely that they would remove *someone
else's* repository, anyway, unless the repository has some copyright or
license problems. Which it does not, since your packages are GPL.

GitHub as a company does not manage https://github.com/rforge. This read
only mirror was set up by a fellow GitHub user, and it is best if it is
kept as a read-only mirror.

Instead, you can do as Duncan suggested, and put a README in your R-Forge
repository, that points to *your* GitHub repositor(y/ies). Then the
https://github.com/rforge/ecdat read only mirror will pick this up and will
point there as well.



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