[Rd] Porting R example datasets to GNU Octave

Andrew Janke ||o@@ @end|ng |rom @pj@nke@net
Sun May 5 16:47:57 CEST 2019

Hi, R Developers,

I'm interested in porting the R example datasets package to GNU Octave
and Matlab. Would you have objections to my doing so?

This would involve transforming the example data and metadata into a
format that Octave understands, and porting all of the datasets' Example
code pieces to Octave M-code. (This would require no work on your part;
it'd be my project.)

I think this would be a benefit to the scientific programming community.
In addition to helping Octave users, having code for identical example
data sets in both languages would serve as a Rosetta Stone for not only
users moving from R to Octave, but for users coming from Octave or
Matlab to R.

Since R's datasets package is GPL, I think I'd be within my rights to
just do this. But I wanted to ask first, to make sure I didn't ruffle
any feathers. I would include documentation indicating that R is the
original source (well, intermediate source) for these datasets, and have
links pointing back to R's documentation.

Andrew Janke

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