[Rd] Converting non-32-bit integers from python to R to use bit64: reticulate

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Wed May 29 21:47:50 CEST 2019

Dear R Developers,

There is an interesting issue related to "reticulate" R package which
discusses how to convert Python's non-32 bit integers to R, which has had
quite an exhaustive discussion:


Python seems to handle integers differently from R, and is dependant on the
system arquitecture: On 32 bit systems uses 32-bit integers, and on 64-bit
systems uses 64-bit integers.

So my question is:

As regards R's C Interface, how costly would it be to convert INTSXP from
32 bits to 64 bits using C, on 64 bits Systems? Do the benefits surpass the
costs? And should such development be handled from within R Core / Ordinary
Members , or it shall be left to package maintainers?

Thank you! :)

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