[Rd] Patch suggestion for stats:::summary.stl

Aksel Anker Henriksen @k@e|@henr|k@en @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu May 30 15:41:13 CEST 2019

There appears to be a single "\n" missing from the body of stats:::summary.stl, causing the "Time.series components" and "IQR" sections to butt up against each other. The fix should be to simply switch 

    cat(" IQR:\n")


    cat("\n IQR:\n")

While looking at this function I wondered: Has it been considered to include a printout of explained variance? 
For example, following the IQR pattern:

    cat("\n Variance:\n")
    exv <- apply(cbind(STL = object$time.series, data = object$time.series %*% 
        rep(1, 3)), 2L, var)
    print(rbind(format(exv, digits = max(2L, digits - 3L)),
        `   %` = format(round(100 * exv/exv["data"], 1))), quote = FALSE)


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