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Mon Apr 6 03:36:25 CEST 2020

On Mon, 6 Apr 2020, Abby Spurdle wrote:

>> (1) Create a top-level help page with a title like "Date and Time
>> Classes" to give a brief but general overview. This would mean the
>> existing DateTimeClasses would need a new title.
> I wanted to modify my first suggestion.
> Perhaps a better idea would be to reference an external document
> giving an overview of the subject.
> I couldn't find a discussion of POSIXct/POSIXlt objects in the R
> manuals (unless I missed it somewhere), so perhaps "An Introduction to
> R" could be updated to include this subject, and then the help files
> could reference that?
> Mark Leeds has already mentioned one possible (unofficial) source.
> And I suspect that there are others.

Not entirely unofficial as it waw published in R News:

   title={R help desk: Date and time classes in R},
   author={Grothendieck, Gabor and Petzoldt, Thomas},
   journal={R News},



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