[Rd] Plotmath on Fedora 31 broken with with pango >= 1.44 - workarounds?

Nicolas Mailhot n|co|@@@m@||hot @end|ng |rom |@po@te@net
Thu Apr 9 17:36:07 CEST 2020

Le mercredi 08 avril 2020 à 02:55 -0700, Gabriel Becker a écrit :
> Hi Paul,

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks a lot for the testing.

> The various font family settings seem to work too, from what I can
> tell. Both font families you suggested, however, Helvetica and Apple
> Symbols (the s is important) have significantly incomplete coverage
> with PUA on.

That is to be expected, the AMS symbol dump in PUA space was a quick
hack to make pre-unicode symbols available in an unicode world, pending
their normalisation.

That standardisation is long past (IIRC it occured by unicode 3.2
released in March 2002), so no newly created/updated font family is
going to place those symbols in PUA anymore.

Now adding the AMS symbols to new fonts has been slow, due to the large
amount of software hardcoding Symbol (and equivallent) and masking the
actual glyph userbase to font makers. It will accelerate with more apps
expecting plain unicode by default.

Thanks for the testing!


Nicolas Mailhot

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