[Rd] Demo for linking native routines between R packages

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Fri Apr 17 15:40:46 CEST 2020


Thanks for writing this up.

You could add a section on 'prior art' and references.  The canonical example
always was (c.f. Writing R Extensions)

  lme4 <-> Matrix

which was followed early by the CRAN packages

  zoo <-> xts
upon which I built

  xts <-> RcppXts
with a write-up (from 2013 !!) here: https://gallery.rcpp.org/articles/accessing-xts-api/

Via private mail, I helped then-maintainer Vincent connect expm:

  expm <-> Matrix

and built two packages on CRAN _for the very purpose of exporting API
functions to be called_ (which in both cases are from base R as R Core is
very careful not get tied into exporting APIs, which is both understandable
and a source of added difficulty for us package writers)


The latter one is use by my RcppRedis package, Travers' very nice qs package
and Tim's rpg package.

To my reading, the R Community is drifting more and more towards collective
amnesia where prior work is (pick any one the following)

 - ignored altogether
 - reinvented by another package
 - shadowed by another package
rather than extended, improved and/or cited.  That is a collective loss for
all of us. It would be nice if you could stear back a little and reference
prior related work. My apologies to other packages in this area I have not
listed. We really should have a common reference for this.

Cheers, Dirk

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