[Rd] Use of MathJax (or something similar) in .Rd files

Viechtbauer, Wolfgang (SP) wo||g@ng@v|echtb@uer @end|ng |rom m@@@tr|chtun|ver@|ty@n|
Thu Apr 30 10:13:04 CEST 2020

Hello All,

I am wondering if there has ever been any discussion/consideration given to incorporating MathJax (or something similar) into R for rendering equations in .Rd files. I know that equations are rendered beautifully in the pdf manuals, but I suspect the majority of users primarily look at the html help files when using R. While I am comfortable reading something like "B_x(a,b) = integral_0^x t^(a-1) (1-t)^(b-1) dt", it would definitely be nicer if this was shown as a 'proper' equation.


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