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Question: is the part that Ed Merkle is asking about the change in the
expected NAME associated with the output?

He changed a sort of global parameter affecting how many digits he wants any
compliant function to display. So when he asked for a named vector, the
chosen name was based on his request and limited when possible to two

x <- 1:1000
temp <- quantile(x, .975)

If you examine temp, you will see it is a vector containing (as it happens)
a single numeric item (as it happens a double) with the value of 975. But
the name associated is a character string with a "%" appended as shown

	Named num 975
	- attr(*, "names")= chr "98%"

If you do not want a name attached to the vector, add an option:

quantile(x, .975, names=FALSE)

If you want the name to be longer or different, you can do that after. 

	[1] "98%"

So change it yourself:

 names(temp) <- paste(round(temp, 3), "%", sep="")

The above is for illustration with tabs inserted to show what is in the
output. You probably do not need a name for your purposes and if you ask for
multiple quantiles you might need to adjust the above. 

Of course if you wanted another non-default "type" of calculation, what Abby
offered may also apply. 

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The "value" is *not* 975.
It's 975.025.

The results that you're observing, are merely the byproduct of formatting.

Maybe, you should try:

    quantile (x, .975, type=4)

Which perhaps, using default options, produces the result you're expecting?

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 8:55 AM Merkle, Edgar C. <merklee using missouri.edu>
> All,
> Consider the code below
> options(digits=2)
> x <- 1:1000
> quantile(x, .975)
> The value returned is 975 (the 97.5th percentile), but the name has been
shortened to "98%" due to the digits option. Is this intended? I would have
expected the name to also be "97.5%" here. Alternatively, the returned value
might be 980 in order to match the name of "98%".
> Best,
> Ed
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