[Rd] pipe(): input to, and output from, a single process

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Mon Mar 16 15:57:17 CET 2020

On 13 March 2020 at 20:26, Greg Minshall wrote:
| hi.  i'd like to instantiate sed(1), send it some input, and retrieve
| its output, all via pipes (rather than an intermediate file).
| my sense from pipe and looking at the sources (sys-unix.c) is that is
| not possible.  is that true?  are there any thoughts of providing such a
| facility?

Octave had this already in the 1990s, see documentation for 'popen2' here:


As it says 'Start a subprocess with two-way communication'.


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