[Rd] error in message printed by L-BFGS-B

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Mon May 4 21:26:39 CEST 2020


I have a FORTRAN version of the L-BFGS-B algorithm and I was comparing it
to the code in the lbfgsb.c file available at R-4.0.0.tar.gz

Everithing looks the same, except for those two lines that must be printed
by the prn3lb function in case of an error (lines 3559 and 3561 in

case -5: Rprintf("l(%d) > u(%d).  No feasible solution", k, k); break;

case -7: Rprintf("Warning:  more than 10 function and gradient
evaluations\n   in the last line search\n"); break;

I believe that these two lines are interchanged, as lines 835 to 837 say

if (iback >= 10) info = -5;
/*     i.e., to issue a warning if iback>10 in the line search. */
goto L999;

while lines 1784 and 1785 say

*info = -7;

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