[Rd] [External] Feature Request: User Prompt + Message First Execution when "Managing Search Path Conflicts"

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Thu May 21 16:40:26 CEST 2020

I looks like you may have misunderstood my post so just to make sure:
There will be no patch to R to support this.

If this is something you want for yourself, then I have shown you how
you can do it.  You can put the code in a startup file if you like.

If you want your students to have this, then you can prepare a startup
file for them that does this.



On Thu, 21 May 2020, Juan Telleria Ruiz de Aguirre wrote:

> Thank you Mr. Tierney!
> Using globalCallingHandlers() to directly handle
> "packageConflictError" is an excellent idea!
> The benefits I see for such an implementation are:
> * The patch would be contained within the Conflict Error Handler,
> which should reduce any side effects with an eventual implementation.
> * And by making its usage optional, by setting for example
> options(conflicts.policy.ask = TRUE), in should neither affect any
> packages nor other base code.
> Hope it allows R Users to work in a more agile manner, and guide R
> Students through best practices of variable conflict handling in an
> educative manner.
> Thanks,
> Juan
>> You can get what you are asking for now in R 4.0.0 with
>> globalCallingHandlers and using the packageConflictError object that
>> is signaled. This should get you started:
>> ```
>> options(conflicts.policy = "strict")
>> packageConflictError
>> handle_conflicts <- function(e) {
>>      cat(conditionMessage(e))
>>      opt <- readline(prompt="1: mask.ok; 2: exclude. Choose: ")
>>      if (opt == "1")
>>          conflictRules(e$package, mask.ok = as.character(unlist(e$conflicts)))
>>      else if (opt == "2")
>>          conflictRules(e$package, exclude = as.character(unlist(e$conflicts)))
>>      stop("unresolved conflicts") ## ideal invode a restart here
>> }
>> globalCallingHandlers(packageConflictError = handle_conflicts)
>> library(dplyr)
>> ```
>> An IDE could provide a more sophisticated interface, like a dialog
>> allowing separate choices for each conflict. But this is best left up
>> to the IDE or the user.
>> The one addition to library that might be worth considering is to
>> provide a restart for the handler to invoke.
>> Best,
>> luke

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