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Sun Nov 22 11:53:02 CET 2020

Dear R users/devs,


This is a translations status for R. Since I've revisited my own work
in a github repo, I think some notes could be useful to other

## Status

The supported languages for "base": da, de, en, en_GB, es, fa, fr, it,
ja, ko, nn, pl, pt_BR, ru, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW. Any single file is quite
close to be completed (# of translated labels), but some technical
long-standing mistakes (at least ~6+ months) are blocking their
installation or need some love. Just to name few...

1. in "base":

unrecognised format specification '%'
Package %s version %s cannot be unloaded:\n %s
Paket %s Version %s kann nicht entladen werden\n%s%

too few entries
No generic function %s found corresponding to requested imported
methods from package %s when loading %s (malformed exports?)
Keine generische Funktion, die mit der angeforderten Importmethode
f<U+00FC>r\n%s aus Paket %s korrespondiert, gefunden (Fehler in
not installing

2. on all packages for .da (easy to fix):

po/R-da.po:2: warning: header field 'Language-Team' still has the
initial default value

## An easy solution to update/test (R and..) translations

# A working translation repo

My reference for this task is a Debian Linux distribution (install the
required packages if not already available).

$ git clone https://github.com/dmedri/R-italian-lang
$ cp -a R-italian-lang R-german-lang
$ cd R-german-lang/
$ vi repo.conf

change the LANG variable to fit your language (eg. "de"), save and
exit. Now copy your .po files in "R-4-0-BRANCH" directory, following
the existing paths.

Now, the scripts.

1. Create archives:

$ ./repo.archives

To help Martin Maechler work -- my reference for the task, the script
create archives ready for commits.

2. Search for a term:

$ ./repo.search "not available"

If you need to search an original label or a translated one.

3. Cleanup all unneeded files:

$ ./repo.clean

Remove spurious files in the repo directory (.mo files, archives
directory, and so on).

4. Test the new translations:

I did a tool, the "roaster", a bash-prototype to build-update R online
(see. the repo infos for more). Since this app have its own directory
for builds, everything goes here and will be propagated build-after-

$ cd ..
$ git clone https://github.com/dmedri/roaster
$ cd roaster/
$ ./roaster --build-standard

If you don't want to overwrite your existing R bin, you could try the
"virtual environments" -- conceptually similar to the Python virtualenv
(see. the repo docs for more infos):

$ ./roaster --build-virtualenv

Now, to install and test your translations:

$ cd ../R-german-lang/
$ ./repo.roaster

The output will be quite similar to the status-report attached.


Best Wishes

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