[Rd] Is it a good choice to increase the NCONNECTION value?

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Mon Aug 23 18:51:31 CEST 2021

At least in 2015, a github user, tobigithub, submit an [issue](https://github.com/sneumann/xcms/issues/20) about the error "Error in file(con, "w") : all connections are in use"
Nowadays, since AMD have really cool CPUs which increases the thread numbers to 128 or even 256 on a single server, we found that the NCONNECTIONS variable could prevent us from utilizing all the 128 threads.
It might be a good choice to increase its value.

the variable is defined in `R-4.1.1/src/main/connections.c: 17`
I have tested that, increase it to 1024 generates no error and all the clusters (I tried with 256 clusters on my 16 threads Laptop) works fine.

Is it possible increase the size of NCONNECTION?

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