[Rd] issue with data()

Michael Dewey ||@t@ @end|ng |rom dewey@myzen@co@uk
Tue Feb 16 17:20:09 CET 2021

Dear Terry

Option 2 looks the best to me. They have a relatively simple change to 
make and there are only four of them.


On 16/02/2021 14:39, Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. via R-devel wrote:
> I am testing out the next release of survival, which involves running R CMD check on 868
> CRAN packages that import, depend or suggest it.
> The survival package has a lot of data sets, most of which are non-trivial real examples
> (something I'm proud of).  To save space I've bundled many of them, .e.g., data/cancer.rda
> has 19 different dataframes.
> This caused failures in 4 packages, each because they have a line such as "data(lung)"  or
> data(breast, package= "survival"); and the data() command looks for a file name.
> This is a question about which option is considered the best (perhaps more of a poll),
> between two choices
> 1. unbundle them again  (it does save 1/3 of the space, and I do get complaints from R CMD
> build about size)
> 2. send notes to the 4 maintainers.  The help files for the data sets have the usage
> documented as  "lung" or "breast", and not data(lung), so I am technically legal to claim
> they have a mistake.
> A third option to make the data sets a separate package is not on the table.  I use them
> heavily in my help files and test suite, and since survival is a recommended package I
> can't add library(x) statements for  !(x %in% recommended).   I am guessing that this
> would also break many dependent packages.
> Terry T.


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