[Rd] reverse dependency checks

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therne@u @end|ng |rom m@yo@edu
Thu Feb 18 19:58:09 CET 2021

There are some nice tools to automate reverse dependency checks, but for a large package 
the real issue is the envirionment.  The description of the crandalf site on github has a 
nice summary.  One package uses a cryto libraries (oops, install those), another uses some 
latex macros I've never heard of, etc.    In any case, I am seeing some failures in my 
reverse checks for survival that I'm not sure how to fix.   If anyone has a hint or two 
I'd be grateful.

1. A half dozen fail with "graphics API mismatch"

2. Over a dozen have a latex failure of
! pdfTeX error (\pdfsetmatrix): Unrecognized format..
\AtBegShi using Output ...ipout \box \AtBeginShipoutBox
                                                   \fi \fi

A check of kpsewhich shows I have all the packages, and I don't see a pattern in the .tex 
files at the point of failure.

Terry T.

Terry M Therneau, PhD
Department of Health Science Research
Mayo Clinic
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"TERR-ree THUR-noh"

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