[Rd] Apple M1 CRAN checks

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Tue Feb 23 08:34:04 CET 2021

Hi Prof Ripley,

Here is the automated message from CRAN which I thought meant needing to
fix an M1 issue:

"The auto-check found additional issues for the *last* version released on
  M1mac <https://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/bdr/M1mac/stringfish.out>
CRAN incoming checks do not test for these additional issues and you will
need an appropriately instrumented build of R to reproduce these.
Hence please reply-all and explain: Have these been fixed? "

However, RcppParallel (a dependency) isn't building on M1:

If I understand you correctly, I can ignore the M1 "Additional issues"
until official R support?

Thank you,

On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 11:25 PM Prof Brian Ripley <ripley using stats.ox.ac.uk>

> On 22/02/2021 08:30, Travers Ching wrote:
> > I noticed CRAN is now doing checks against Apple M1, and some packages
> are
> > failing including a dependency I use.
> I don't know what this refers to: M1 Mac CRAN checks are planned but
> AFAICS not yet included in the main results tables.
> OTOH, 'Additional issues' on M1 Mac have been reported on the results
> pages since early December.
> > Is building on M1 now a requirement, or can the check be ignored? If
> it's a
> > requirement, how can one test it out?
> 'requirement' for what?
> I am not aware of any CRAN package for which 'R CMD build' does not work
> on an M1 Mac.
> *Checking* might need an M1 Mac machine.  CRAN has only been notifying
> issues which can easily be corrected without access to M1 hardware (such
> as using suggested packages unconditionally or using optional
> capabilities without checking).
> > Travers
> >
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> Please do re-read the posting guide (and 'Writing R Extensions').
> Also, this is not r-package-devel ....
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