[Rd] reshape documentation

SOEIRO Thomas Thom@@@SOEIRO @end|ng |rom @p-hm@|r
Sat Mar 13 10:50:58 CET 2021

Dear list,

I have some questions/suggestions about reshape.

1) I think a good amount of the popularity of base::reshape alternative is due to the complexity of reshape documentation. It is quite hard (at least it is for me) to figure out what argument is needed for respectively "long to wide" and "wide to long", because reshapeWide and reshapeLong are documented together.
- Do you agree with this?
- Would you consider a proposal to modify the documentation?
- If yes, what approach do you suggest? e.g. split in two pages?
2) I do not think the documentation indicates that we can use varying argument to rename variables in reshapeWide.
- Is this worth documenting?
- Is the construct list(c()) really needed?

        v.names = "conc",
        idvar = "Subject",
        timevar = "time",
        direction = "wide",
        varying = list(c("conc_0.25hr",



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