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Mon Mar 15 17:25:22 CET 2021

I am not sure if this is the right mailing list, so apologies in advance if
it is not.

I found the following link/presentation:

The implementation of fsort is interesting but incomplete (not sure why?)
and can be improved or made faster (at least 25%  I believe). I might be
wrong but there are maybe a couple of bugs as well.

My questions are:

1/ Is the R Core team interested in a faster sorting algo? (Multithread or
even single threaded)

2/ I see an issue with the license, which is MPL-2.0, and hence not
compatible with base R, Python and Julia. Is there an interest to change
the license of fsort so all 3 languages (and all the people using these
languages) can benefit from it? (Like suggested on the first page)

Please let me know if there is an interest to address the above points, I
would be happy to look into it (free of charge of course!).

Thank you
Best regards

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