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Mon Mar 15 19:19:42 CET 2021

This change in R-devel just bit me.   Under the newest release, if I attach() another 
.RData directory, the methods are not detected.
Was it intentional?   Running in Linux.   Here is a script of an example that works fine 
under 3.6.2. but fails in R-devel.

tmt% mkdir temp1
tmt% cd temp1
tmt% R
  # define a silly method, just for testing

charlie <- function(x, ...)

charlie.default <- function(x, ...) {
     cat("default method ", x, "\n")
     x +2

charlie.character <- function(x, ...) {
     cat("character method ", x, "\n")
     as.character(as.numeric(x) + 2)

 > quit("yes")

tmt% cd ..
tmt% R
 > attach("temp1/.RData")
 > charlie( 4)
Error in UseMethod("charlie") :
   no applicable method for 'charlie' applied to an object of class "c('double', 'numeric')"


The use case was my local test environment for the survival package.  I can work around it.

Terry M Therneau, PhD
Department of Health Science Research
Mayo Clinic
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