[Rd] Possible x11 window manager window aggregation under one icon?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd @end|ng |rom deb|@n@org
Sat Mar 20 17:51:41 CET 2021

[ I hope the Subject: is arcane enough to reduce readership to a handful :) ]

Running the default window manager in the Linux distribution I am running,
multiple 'windows' of the same program are usually aggregated under one icon.
I typically have numerous (gnome) terminals, several top-level emacs windows,
likely more than brower window (even with tabs) and so on. They all aggregate
under the top-level icon

R plots however all have one each. Needless to say I may also have more than
one plot device open...  Would anyone know how we can force these to
aggregate under just one?  I had some digital fingerprints on the .desktop
file that ships with simply because someone first sent it to me as a patch
for the Debian package. But I know nuttin' about the XDG desktop
specification and all that. I had one idea regarding window titles, but those
are different for the terminals and emacs windows too.  Anybody have an idea?


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