[Rd] .onLoad, packageStartupMessage, and R CMD check

Michael Chirico ch|r|com @end|ng |rom goog|e@com
Thu Nov 4 19:50:04 CET 2021

I wrote a linter to stop users from using packageStartupMessage() in
their .onLoad() hook because of the R CMD check warning it triggers:


However, this received some pushback which I ultimately agree with,
and moreover ?.onLoad seems to agree as well:

> Loading a namespace should where possible be silent, with startup
messages given by \code{.onAttach}. These messages (**and any essential
ones from \code{.onLoad}**) should use \code{\link{packageStartupMessage}}
so they can be silenced where they would be a distraction.

**emphasis** mine. That is, if we think some message is _essential_ to
print during loadNamespace(), we are told to use

Should we remove this R CMD check warning?

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