[Rd] R 4.2.1 is released

Peter Dalgaard pd@me@ @end|ng |rom cb@@dk
Thu Jun 23 09:55:57 CEST 2022

The build system rolled up R-4.2.1.tar.gz (codename "One Push-Up") this morning.

The list below details the changes in this release. 

You can get the source code from


or wait for it to be mirrored at a CRAN site nearer to you.

Binaries for various platforms will appear in due course.

For the R Core Team,

Peter Dalgaard

These are the checksums (md5 and SHA-256) for the freshly created files, in case you wish
to check that they are uncorrupted:

MD5 (AUTHORS) = 320967884b547734d6279dedbc739dd4
MD5 (COPYING) = eb723b61539feef013de476e68b5c50a
MD5 (COPYING.LIB) = a6f89e2100d9b6cdffcea4f398e37343
MD5 (FAQ) = f593bc2137bcb005337630ca5611a26f
MD5 (INSTALL) = 7893f754308ca31f1ccf62055090ad7b
MD5 (NEWS) = 1004838de767cced995c375aae100afc
MD5 (NEWS.0) = bfcd7c147251b5474d96848c6f57e5a8
MD5 (NEWS.1) = eb78c4d053ec9c32b815cf0c2ebea801
MD5 (NEWS.2) = b38d94569700664205a76a7de836ba83
MD5 (NEWS.3) = e55ed2c8a547b827b46e08eb7137ba23
MD5 (R-latest.tar.gz) = d363458f20d011c9edf55c8c828af242
MD5 (README) = f468f281c919665e276a1b691decbbe6
MD5 (RESOURCES) = a79b9b338cab09bd665f6b62ac6f455b
MD5 (THANKS) = 45b6d2e88a6ecb5b24fa33a781351cd5
MD5 (VERSION-INFO.dcf) = 4a0d3c959d821eb56df62f39325c5506
MD5 (R-4/R-4.2.1.tar.gz) = d363458f20d011c9edf55c8c828af242

60a0d150e6fc1f424be76ad7b645d236b56e747692a4679f81ce6536c550e949  AUTHORS
e6d6a009505e345fe949e1310334fcb0747f28dae2856759de102ab66b722cb4  COPYING
6095e9ffa777dd22839f7801aa845b31c9ed07f3d6bf8a26dc5d2dec8ccc0ef3  COPYING.LIB
1b1f962382ff185e14b6b5b9b40dc87360399466c7d7ce928ae443261e3955c9  FAQ
f87461be6cbaecc4dce44ac58e5bd52364b0491ccdadaf846cb9b452e9550f31  INSTALL
8ee3b9f7ca0ac8366c8aa5be33d6bb13dbf7b084e119aa71d5b232590d166d6b  NEWS
4e21b62f515b749f80997063fceab626d7258c7d650e81a662ba8e0640f12f62  NEWS.0
12b30c724117b1b2b11484673906a6dcd48a361f69fc420b36194f9218692d01  NEWS.1
cde079b6beab7d700d3d4ecda494e2681ad3b7f8fab13b68be090f949393ec62  NEWS.2
1910a2405300b9bc7c76beeb0753a5249cf799afe175ce28f8d782fab723e012  NEWS.3
4d52db486d27848e54613d4ee977ad952ec08ce17807e1b525b10cd4436c643f  R-latest.tar.gz
2fdd3e90f23f32692d4b3a0c0452f2c219a10882033d1774f8cadf25886c3ddc  README
8b7d3856100220f4555d4d57140829f2e81c27eccec5b441f5dce616e9ec9061  RESOURCES
8319c5415de58ee10d4bc058d79c370fd8e6b2ad09e25d7a1e04b74ca5f380a6  THANKS
59604d5bbdd869681bef33e84ddec3a7c4a4dedab6e154f4cf40e4694ff69ece  VERSION-INFO.dcf
4d52db486d27848e54613d4ee977ad952ec08ce17807e1b525b10cd4436c643f  R-4/R-4.2.1.tar.gz

This is the relevant part of the NEWS file



    * New function utils::findCRANmirror() to find out if a CRAN mirror
      has been selected, otherwise fallback to the main site.  This
      behaves in the same way as tools::CRAN_package_db() and is
      intended for packages wishing to access CRAN for purposes other
      than installing packages.

      The need for this was shown by a day when the main CRAN website
      was offline and a dozen or so packages which had its URL
      hardcoded failed their checks.


    * The libraries searched for by --with-blas (without a value) now
      include BLIS (after OpenBLAS but before ATLAS).  And on macOS,
      the Accelerate framework (after ATLAS).  (This is patterned after
      the AX_BLAS macro from the Autoconf Archive.)

    * The included LAPACK sources have been updated to 3.10.1.


    * The (full path to) the command tidy to be used for HTML
      validation can be set by environment variable R_TIDYCMD.

    * Setting environment variable _R_CHECK_RD_VALIDATE_RD2HTML_ to a
      false value will override R CMD check --as-cran and turn off HTML
      validation.  This provides a way to circumvent a problematic

      The 2006 version that ships with macOS is always skipped.


    * The undocumented legacy declarations of Sint, Sfloat, SINT_MAX
      and SINT_MIN in header R.h are deprecated.


    * fisher.test(d) no longer segfaults for "large" d; fixing PR#18336
      by preventing/detecting an integer overflow reliably.

    * tar(., files=*) now produces correctly the warning about invalid
      uid or gid of files, fixing PR#18344, reported by Martin Morgan.

    * tk_choose.files() with multi = FALSE misbehaved on paths
      containing spaces (PR#18334) (regression introduced in R 4.0.0).

    * sort(x, partial = ind, *) now works correctly notably for the
      non-default na.last = FALSE or TRUE, fixing PR#18335 reported by
      James Edwards.

    * Environment variable _R_CHECK_XREFS_REPOSITORIES_ is only used
      for checking .Rd cross-references in R CMD check (as documented)
      and not for other uses looking for a CRAN mirror.

    * The search for a CRAN mirror when checking packages now uses
      getOption("repos") if that specifies a CRAN mirror, even when it
      does not also specify all three Bioconductor repositories (as was
      previously required).

    * The HTML code generated by tools::Rd2HTML() has been improved to
      pass tidy 5.8.0.

  BUG FIXES on Windows:

    * Writing to a clipboard connection works again, fixing a
      regression in R 4.2.0 (PR#18332).  Re-using a closed clipboard
      connection longer issues a spurious warning about an ignored
      encoding argument.

    * C function getlocale no longer attempts to query an unsupported
      category from the OS, even when requested at R level, which may
      cause crashes when R 4.2.0 (which uses UCRT) is embedded
      (reported by Kevin Ushey).

    * Accent keys now work in GraphApp Unicode windows, which are used
      by Rgui whenever running in a multibyte locale (so also in UTF-8,
      hence fixing a regression in R 4.2.0 for users of systems where R
      4.1 used a single-byte locale).

    * Completion in Rgui now works also with non-ASCII characters.

    * Rgui no longer truncates usage information with --help.

    * Text injection from external applications via SendInput now works
      in GraphApp Unicode windows, fixing a regression in R 4.2.0 for
      Rgui users of systems where R 4.1 used a single-byte locale but R
      4.2.0 uses UTF-8.

    * Performance of txtProgressBar() in Rgui when running in a
      multi-byte locale has been improved (fixing a performance
      regression in R 4.2.0 for users of systems where R 4.1 used a
      single-byte locale).

    * The script editor in Rgui now works also on systems using UTF-8
      as the native encoding.  Users of the script editor have to
      convert their scripts with non-ASCII characters to UTF-8 before
      reading them in R 4.2.1 or newer (on recent Windows where UTF-8
      is used).  This fixes a regression in R 4.2.0, which prevented
      some operations with scripts when they contained non-ASCII

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