[Rd] Stack imbalance warnings while using the grid package, in R 4.2

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Wed Jun 29 17:18:45 CEST 2022

On 6/29/22 16:53, Panagiotis Skintzos wrote:
> Hello to all.
> In ggiraph package, we are getting some warnings about "Stack 
> imbalance in NextMethod" when we subclass a primitive grob and 
> override the widthDetails function. This started to occur from R 
> version 4.2 onward, in various platforms (linux, iOS, Windows).
> You can see the bug report, where I've added a minimal reprex:
> https://github.com/davidgohel/ggiraph/issues/224
> I've identified the issue in grid package. It occurs when calling 
> grid.Call.graphics with C_moveTo, C_lineTo, C_lines, C_segments, 
> C_arrows, C_polygon, C_path, C_circle, C_rect and C_raster at least. 
> The relevant functions in grid.c have mismatches in protect/unprotect 
> calls.
> As I see in the code diff for grid.c, between R 4.1 and R 4.2, one 
> extra PROTECT call was added to the above functions (L_*) but the 
> UNPROTECT call at the end of the functions was not updated.
> In other functions, like gridPoints for example, the UNPROTECT call 
> has been updated, so the issue does not occur when overriding the 
> pointsGrob.
> I can try to submit a patch if you wish, but perhaps there are other 
> functions elsewhere with the same issue that need to be checked.

Thanks, yes, could you please send a patch for R-devel? So that it is 
clear which PROTECTions you have in mind, and that they haven't been 
fixed already in the meantime in R-devel (note that there have been 
changes recently).

It doesn't matter if you don't fix them all.

> Hopefully this can be resolved for the next version.

Sure, PROTECT errors have very high priority.


> Thank you,
> Panagiotis
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