[Rd] Compiling error with glmnet and nloptr

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Thu Mar 10 16:59:55 CET 2022

Sorry for the typos in the previous email. I really need an editor...

On 10 March 2022 at 15:43, jing hua zhao wrote:
| Thank for your help -- as it is our university HPC system I might forward your information. Even a recent branch here uses CentOS8 which appears to have the same fate -- a lot of object/executable files compiled at SL6 do not work on CenOS8 which is really a nuisance. In this case, I have a bit luck since it does work in both ways,

Well that's several topics in one. First off, your institution really needs
to move on from Scientific Linux. Whose main sponsor (Fermi Lab, a few miles
from me here) went to CentOS, which by now is also dead (lovely how that
happens ...) so maybe Rocky Linux it will be. I have simpler tastes and
started using (and then contributing to) Debian as a grad student at a time
(given that it is 2022 now) when you may not have been born yet :grin: ...
Ubuntu LTS is a very good (commercially supported, regularly release in two
year cycles) alternate I use often too.

As for binary incompatibility: that's how it goes. Compilers changes,
libraries change, applications change, ... so you may be prepared to rebuild
when you make such upgrades. Such is life: Many programs give you detailed
notes if you need to or not. E.g. R is pretty good about telling you if you
do or not not need a rebuild. (For R 4.1.0 last April it was little mixed as
I recall: "generally no unless you need updated graphics device" which is
arguably a more refined case. For R 4.2.0 I think we're good too but I will
be sure to check next month. No changes for R 4.1.3 _today_ as it is just a
patch release.)

| >  library(help=RcppNLoptExample)
| > testConstrainedProblem("MMA", TRUE)
| Found minimum at f(0.33333,0.2963) = 0.54433105 after 11 function and 22 constraint evaluations.
| [1] 0.3333333 0.2962963

Glad you found working versions, and my NLopt example driver. Also, I
sometimes recommend going back to older releases which may cover your use
cases without giving headaches due to new(est) tools.

In any event, let's move this away from r-devel. Maybe come to the
r-package-devel list which is more specifically on building (and using)

Cheers, Dirk

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