[Rd] linux manpage for `Rscript` ought to indicate date/version as does that of `R`

Cook, Malcolm MEC @end|ng |rom @tower@@org
Mon Mar 14 19:23:44 CET 2022

Hello R developers,

I have noticed that the footer for the R's manpage nicely reports the version and date:

R 4.0.0                                                                  September 2020                                                                     R(1)

Whereas that of Rscript does not include version, and is incorrect as per date:
R scripting                                                                April 2007                                                                 Rscript(1)

It could profitably read:

Rscript 4.0.0                                                                September 2020                                                    Rscript(1)


Malcolm Cook
Database Applications Manager
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kansas City, MO  USA

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