[Rd] New R version - Issue with as.vector coercion on data.frame

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Mon May 2 10:12:01 CEST 2022


I recently upgraded to the latest r version and got an issue with the command as.vector() on a data.frame object. With the previous R version the returned object was a vector but now it is formatted as a list (see below)

> futures_quotes
  SMI Future SMIM Future Euro Stoxx 50 Future S&P 500 Mini Future FTSE 100 Future Nikkei 225 Future
1      11999        2871                 3692                4150            7419             26853
> class(futures_quotes)
[1] "data.frame"

> as.vector(futures_quotes[1,1:3])
$`SMI Future`
[1] 11999

$`SMIM Future`
[1] 2871

$`Euro Stoxx 50 Future`
[1] 3692

> class(as.vector(futures_quotes[1,1:3]))
[1] "list"

Can you help me on this ? (I solved the issue temporarily with as.vector(t(futures_quotes[1,1:3])) 

Kind regards
Marc Weibel

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