[R] matrix transpose and object name

Thomas Lumley thomas at biostat.washington.edu
Tue Nov 7 18:20:09 CET 2000

On 7 Nov 2000, A.J. Rossini wrote:

> >>>>> "TL" == Thomas Lumley <thomas at biostat.washington.edu> writes:
>     TL> On Tue, 7 Nov 2000 Pan_Yuming at aam.de wrote:
>     >> hello, everybody,
>     >> 
>     >> i have several unresolved issues: 1. how to do a matrix
>     >> transpose? i cant find how to do it in the documentation.
>     TL> t(matrix).
>     TL> This may be a good time to point out the help.search()
>     TL> function.  help.search(transpose) returns Help files with name
>     TL> or title matching `transpose':
>     TL>   t(base) Matrix Transpose
> Is there a beginner/expert flag in R?  If so, for beginners, it might
> be worth sending 
>         help(transpose)
> to 
>         help.search(transpose)
> instead of throwing an error.

yes, but help.search can be very slow. More importantly, it doesn't
actually give any help, just the titles of help topics.
> Also, is there a means of doing a search for partial matches or regexs
> (i.e. help.search(trans) or help.search(*trans*) would match to
> transpose).

help.search takes regular expressions (as its help describes)

R> help.search(".*trans.*")
Help files with name or title matching `.*trans.*':

boxcox(MASS)             Box-Cox Transformations for Linear Models 
gilgais(MASS)            Line Transect of Soil in Gilgai Territory 
heart(MASS)              The Stanford heart transplant data 
logtrans(MASS)           Estimate log Transformation Parameter 
aperm(base)              Array Transposition
chartr(base)             Character Translation
fft(base)                Fast Discrete Fourier Transform
t(base)                  Matrix Transpose
transform(base)          Transform an Object, e.g. a Data Frame
co.transfer(boot)        Carbon Monoxide Transfer 
paulsen(boot)            Neurotransmission in Guinea Pig Brains. 
DNAtoProt(dna)           Translate Coding DNA/RNA Base Triplets to Amino Acids
stft(e1071)              Computes the Short Time Fourier Transform of a  Vector
heart(locfit)            Survival Times of Heart Transplant Recipients
dftorep(rmutil)          Transform a Dataframe to a repeated Object
heart(survival5)         Stanford Heart Transplant data
first.last(wavethresh)   Build a first/last database for wavelet transforms
imwd(wavethresh)         2D Discrete Wavelet Transform (Image W. Decomposition) 
imwr(wavethresh)         2D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (Image W. Reconstruction)
imwr.imwd(wavethresh)    2D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (Image W. Reconstruction)
wd(wavethresh)           Discrete wavelet transform (decomposition). 
wr(wavethresh)           Discrete wavelet transform (reconstruction).


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