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Fri Nov 10 13:30:17 CET 2000

thank you for your useful discussions.

i had unpleasant experinces when handling data in R, like importing large datasets into R and do calculations on it. it is not whether the job can be
donw, but how to do it more elegantly.

read.table() is slower than scan(), but i wont use scan() if read.table() can do it satifactoriely.  Kjetil gave me the right direction. i tend to use
 a lot of loops in the program and that s not efficient.

best wishes
pan yuming

Uwe Ligges <ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de> on 10.11.2000 12:04:20

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Pan_Yuming at aam.de wrote:
> dear uwe ligges,
> thanks for your response. i have problems when importing and handling
> data sets in R. i know read.table() is not optimal for it. what i want to
> know how to deal with large datasets efficiently in R with respect to
>  1. importing large data from a text file
>  2. subsequent manipulations in R
> and also some general guidelines to improve efficiency.

Please give us some more information! We cannot help, if you don't
describe your problem exactly.
"Importing large data" and "subsequent manipulations" sounds like:
   Please tell me how to use R!

As mentioned in my last mail: At first read the FAQ and "An introduction
to R".

To import large data sets you might want to start R with specified
memory size, e.g.:
   R --nsize=500K --vsize=20M
   c:\.....\RGui.exe --nsize=500K --vsize=20M   (if you are on windows)
But that's also described in the FAQ.

Uwe Ligges

I think you need to specify more what you are looking for. All the general
guidelines are specified in "An Introduction to R", and if you need a long
discussion, Venable and Ripley's book is the source. The general
guidelines in short is that you should never use loops (for, while, etc),
and rather use apply (including sapply, lapply).

You know, it is very hard to answer your question in general terms, other
than refering you to existing literature. If there is something in the
existing literature that is unclear, people like to hear about it though.


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